Apple Picking And More

September 29, 2016

The boys have been on Fall break all this week. Yep, feels like they just went back to school and now they have a break. But no complains here, Fall break was our opportunity to get started on some of our favorite Fall activities, and apple picking is always a crowd favorite. The place we like to go for our apples is a bit of a trek, but completely worth it. Not only do they offer acres and acres of apples, but they also have tractor rides, a hillbilly playground and a petting zoo. We literally spent the entire day there.

By next year Cullen should be peeking through at the perfect height.

Spotted, radom apple on top of a post.

We got our wagon, we got our apple pickers and we are off to get us some apples.

Wagon pullin ain’t easy, just look a little Wyatt’s red face.

The Doyle brothers team up for the pushin.

Now we pick.

Cullen is not a fan of the bright sunlight, it gives him the rage, but his cool blue shades make him happy.

Cheers to apples!

Impressive work.

Once they were done picking apples, it was time to take a tractor ride to the hillbilly playground.

Groups Shot! with our newest member, baby Piper.

So this is how the hillbillies do slides, using drain pipes.

And the boys loved it.

Cullen and Wyatt watch for Keane. Then out he pops.

Off you go Cullen.

Wyatt preferred the open slide.

And give his little sister a high-5 for a slide well done.

Piper was indifferent to all of it.

Cool horse type swing.

On to the petting zoo that was full of adorable baby animals.

Cullen gets right into this baby chicken’s personal space.

Baby chicks and my 2 couldn’t get enough of them.

Now they both want baby chicks.

There were even some kittens.

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