Lets Play Ball!

September 17, 2016

Last year, as a 3 year old Keane started soccer. But it was fun soccer, basically an introduction to the ball, the idea of kicking, dribbling, shooting and passing via creative games aimed at a 3 year old level. This year however, as a 4 year old, sh*t got real. Now not only does he have his regular practice every Wednesday evening, but Saturday mornings he now has real soccer matches against other 4 year old teams, and this weekend was his very first match. What I’m about to say is silly, I know, but damn it, I was nervous. Nervous and excited. This was his first real taste of any kind of competition and I wanted more than anything for him to enjoy it. He and his team mates are still only getting to grips with what soccer is really about. All they know to date is that if you don’t have the ball, then you go get it, and when you get it your next move it to score. I just didn’t want to see him upset or frustrated if the other team got the ball or managed to scored. You know how young kids can be. But my ridiculous nerves were just that, ridiculous. He did great. Better than great. He was into it, he hustled and wait for it, he even scored, 2 goals, but best of all, he had a blast.

A little team gathering pre-match. Keane is number 42.

Daddy in his ear, not sure what he’s saying but it doesn’t appear to be giving Keane any reassurance.

Here we are, centre field waiting for the whistle.

And we’re off!

Cullen is head of Keane’s cheer squad.

Getting after it.

And we have our first Gooooooaaaaaal!

Striding, likes its no big deal

More action.

But swooped away by the other team.

Another attempt.

But again a steal by the other team.

Meanwhile, in a nearby goal Cullen is doing a little self entertaining.

Hold on a minute, somethings about to happen.

Even Cullen noticed and is in full cheer mode.

Got to get around the opposition but we’re definitely in control.

And there it is, Goooooaaaaaal! no.2

This was too cute, celebration high-5 from his team-mate.

Water break.

High-5 from Cullen.

During half-time Cullen worked on his penalty kicks.

Second half, a corner awarded to Keane.

This little girl here is not just adorable, but she’s an amazing little soccer player.

Another goal for the blue team.

Its a bit of a messy struggle. Keane trying to get that ball in the net, but the other team is blocking well.

His team-mate Andy swoops in and gets the ball where it needs to be, back of the net. Another goal for blue.

His reaction cos he was close, but didn’t score. Had to then explain that it was still a point for the blue team and that the goals of his team-mates also counted towards the teams total score.

Final whistle and the parents build an arch so that both teams can take a celebration walk through. Not sure who won to be honest. The white team scored a bunch of goals, especially in the second half, but I think both believe they won and nobody seems unhappy, so thats all that matters.

Team gathering for post-match snacks.

Headed home.

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