When 30 Mins Turn Into 3 Hours

September 14, 2016

Our Wednesday morning drill starts with dropping Keane off at school. From the school its onwards to the trails where Cullen, Dexter and I get our walk on. We usually take the same trail, the one that leads to the river, so Dexter can get a swim and Cullen can paddle, fish, throw rocks and drown his trucks. This week however, we decided to mix things up by taking a different trail and Cullen was so excited. Everything about this trail was unfamiliar, so his curiosity and desire to explore was on overdrive. As a result a walk that would have taken me 30-45min solo, morphed into a 3 hour journey of discovery. Luckily we had 4 hours of available time before we had to collect Keane, so no rush.

Whats this trail momma?” This question came at me over and over again.

A ravine of fallen pine cones.

Look momma, a baby pine cone. How did that get here?”

Am sure sitting amongst the pine cones was not as much fun as he expected. Ouch!


Loading up to bring some home.

I walk Dexter for you momma”

In your own time Cullen.

You help me push the big rock momma?”

Cullen has this thing about sitting on everything. For example, the pine cones above, this rock and later it was a tree stump.

Spontaneous set of tricep extensions.

More rocks, this time for climbing.

The trails run next to some old battle grounds showcasing a number of cannons.

Another part of the battle ground was flooded with US flags. The reason? To commemorate the 15 year anniversary of  September 11th. A flag for each life lost that day. So over 3000 flags.

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