For The Love Of Sparky

August 29, 2016

There never seems to be enough time on trips back to Ireland to do all the things you think you’re going to do, or see all the people you want to see. I arrive in vacation mode, but guess what, my family and friends that live there, are NOT in vacation mode, cos, well, they live there. They have stuff like jobs and school and daily commitments and responsibilities, so it becomes a sometimes impossible dance where try as we might to work around each others schedules and availability, it just doesn’t happen. The last few trips home my good friend Nicola and I tried but failed, repeatedly, to get together. This trip however, we made it work. We (the boys and I) made it work by loading ourselves up in a compact rental car, drove the winding country roads of Navan, got lost more than once (yes, even an Irish native can still get lost in Ireland) but eventually found our way to the equestrian sanctuary Nicola calls home.

To say Keane was excited to be in the company of all these horses was a huge understatement.

After harassing Nicola for a good hour or so about the possibility of riding one of the horses, Nicola finally introduced him to “Sparky”.

Love at first sight. In Keane’s mind, Sparky was all his. Cullen thought he was grand, but wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea of riding him.

This face here let me know that we were in trouble, Keane was going to want a horse all of his own now.

Nicola helps him helmet up for his big riding moment.

Time to lead Spark out.

Nothing but pure joy and excitement.

A pause for the horses to greet each other.

Now Cullen’s in heaven, Nicola has trucks.

Here we go with our first jumping lesson.

A quick check in with Cullen to see what he’s up to, fixing some tractors of course.

Nicola’s son Donnacha joins the party.

He and Cullen bond over all things truck.

Back to Keane and he’s working on his grab and place drills.

Donnacha’s turn.

Total pro.

Fence jumping sans horse.

The horses are back in the stables and we’re trying to round all the boys up for dinner, but Cullen found even more trucks and more sand, no way to get him away from this situation without a melt down, or is there?

Yep, the evening was so warm and pretty we decided to all eat outside and even allowed Cullen to bring one of the trucks to dinner.

Full and ready to bounce off some pre-bed hyperness.

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