2 Days of Summer

August 26, 2016

I held both the boys swimmie shorts in my hands and paused, “don’t be such a foolish optimist Shinks, its Ireland your headed to, now put those swimmies back in the drawer, better to use that space for rain jackets“. But Ireland had read my thoughts and Ireland was not impressed, so Ireland decided to stick it to me and for 2 days, just to teach me a lesson, Ireland let the summer in. Yes, 2 days of sunshine and heat and happy summer vibes. Obviously when gifted a situation such as that, in a country better known for all things precipitation, you’d be a fool not to cancel whatever it was you had planned and take yourself off to the beach for the day. So thats just what we did. The pessimistic non-swimmie packing ex-pats that we are, enjoyed a great day on the sandy Irish coast, with our Irish cousins, wearing our shorts and t-shirts (at least we had those).

Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow.

So the weather was hot, but the water was cold, both Keane and Cullen made that very clear in this shot. But our cousin Emily appears to be immune.

Now we are acclimatized and bounding happily.

My nephew Nathan couldn’t be happier.

Fingers and toes in first.


You know what would have been handy here? Swimmies.

My brother, with 2/3 of his crew, Evan and Emily.

My sister-in-law Sarah gets the sand castle building under way.

Nathan, rocking the classic topless builder look.

Water war about to start.

Ocean babies.

Getting artsy.

Baby yoga.

Cullen desperate to hang with the big kids on the sand dunes.

He’s still on the up climb as Keane and Emily race down.

The explorers.

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