Next Stop, Ireland

August 8, 2016

This week The Husband leaves for Rio to do his thing for the 33 athletes he has competing at the Olympics. And while he’s in Rio, we (the boys and I) are headed to Ireland. Our final trip of the summer, may as well make it a good one. I’m so excited for cooler temperatures and lots of fun with family and friends. We’ll be gone for 2 weeks, so the blog will be resting up and enjoying a little break of its own during that time. But it would be wrong of me to leave without giving you a little something to stare at in our absence. So how about 4 handsome little cousins hanging out and having a blast last week during our trip to Massachusetts, before its onwards to the Irish cousins.

Paul and James have a backyard zip line.

Paul shows Keane how its done.

Looking a little nervous but big cousin is on hand for some moral support.

Away we go!

He did it! Once Keane got a taste for the zip line, there was no getting him off it.

James bringing some personality to the zip.

Cullen showed zero interest in zipping, there was too much digging to be done.


Whats this?

A baby snake.

The curiosity. Close, but not too close.

Some road works were happening near Paul and James house so we took a walk to get a closer look at all the diggers and dirt.

Cullen and his love for vehicles and dirt.

In this moment all his dream are coming true.

James and Cullen.

Hot, dirty and hungry, back for lunch.

Paul and James were running in their first track meet while we were there so we all went along to support and cheer. But where’s Cullen??

With everyone distracted he saw an opportunity to cone steal.

Paul in hurdle action.

Speed demon.

Low-5 from Keane for a job well done.

James up next and I just had to include this photo of his competition and his “unique” hurdling technique.

James technique is a little more efficient.

Cullen offering post race snacks, thats he’s already eaten

James in the 100m.

Post meet and The Husband gives out American Track League t-shirts to all the competitors.

We call this “free advertising”.

The boys get ready to have a race of their own, but Keane is carrying some extra weight on his back.

This weight is not easily removed.

And we’re off!

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