Up To No Good

November 21, 2010

In the past when I’ve taken a few days leave of absence from my blog, it usually means I’ve been up to no-good. And this time my friends is no different. Let me introduce you to “no-good”

Please say hello to little Crooked.

Now before y’all start rolling your eyes and whispering behind my back, let me make it clear that Crooked is a foster baby. Even I know we can’t squeeze another little fur baby into the family right now, but Crooked is our house guest for the week, then he packs up his little food and water dish to move on to an awesome new family and home.

Crooked is a miniature pit-bull, 6 months old and was brought into the shelter several weeks ago with a neck injury that has left his head permanently tiled to the left. Which is how the staff ended up giving him his name. Its not clear how his injury came about, we believe he was attacked by some of his siblings when he was very young. But Crooked is the sweetest little fella you will ever meet and his idea of a good time is balling up on your lap for a good long nap and maybe the odd lick to the face. He’s eager to make friends and start playing with Dexter and Manson but so far Dexter appears to be a little scared of his awkward puppy like energy and playfulness and Manson made his feelings on the matter very clear by staging a “lets poop on the carpet” type of protest this morning. Even though the front door was wide open and he was less than 5 meters away, he still took a squat and pooped right in front of me. When I yelled out his name in disbelief, he merely glanced back over his shoulder, flipped me the middle finger (seriously, I won’t make that up) and waddled off back to the couch, leaving me with absolutely no doubt that he too was excited to have Crooked around. What a very embracing bunch of kids I have. See how quickly they forget that they too were once shelter babies. Anyway, its just a temporary situation and pretty soon Crooked will be settled into a new home and family and Dexter and Manson can go back to feeling secure about their position within our family.

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