Old Friends With Kids

July 25, 2016

We did a little math, and between sips of wine figured out that we’ve actually been friends since she was 6 and I was 8. Both of us competing for our town in the local Community Games. This makes total sense to the Irish, but for the Americans reading, just know that the Community Games is the Irish kids equivalent of the the Olympics. But now we’re grown, physically that is, with kids of our own, but somehow when we get together, we’re just a couple of teenage girls with access to wine, and are probably completely annoying to everyone but each other. Over the past couple of years Caitriona and I have been making a better effort visit each other. She’s in Texas, me in Georgia and last weekend she and her little girl Roisin flew in for 3 days of family friendly fun (during the day light hours) and 3 nights of “Momma’s Gone Wild”, well, as wild as 2 mommas who are house bound can get with 3 kids asleep upstairs, dressed in their comfy sweats, rocking matching top-knots and sucking down a bottle each of their favorite wines. Yes, girls in your 20’s, this may sound like your worst nightmare right now, but lets talk again when you hit your mid to late 30’s or when the off-spring start to show up.

A visit to the Fern Bank Museum has been on our summer to-do list, and this weekend we made it happen.

Life sized and legit dinosaur bones.

Roisin and Keane are definitely impressed, Cullen, well he looks like he’s seen it all before.

Am sure the touching of the dinosaurs is frowned upon, but I don’t think anybody was watching, and besides, wheres the proof???

So this was random, a music making section, at a Natural History museum.

Future DJ’s.

Roisin on drums.

Keane on vocals.

Keane got some dinosaur babies at the museum gift shop and the next morning decided to build them apartments, out of lego.

Roisin and Cullen were busy making everyone a lovely breakfast from play-doh.

After breakfast it was off to the lake for the day.

One minute I’m paddle boarding, the next I’m being swarmed by children.

Who then start using my paddle board as their diving board.

Caitriona and her very first time paddle boarding.

It only took her minutes to progress from sitting, to standing.

Back on the boat with a wave from Keane.

And there he goes.

The ladies.

Mad jumping skills from Roisin.

Cullen and I and his trucks (he’s got one in each hand) off for a row.

After a little lunch we took the boat out to the deeper part of the lake.

But suddenly everything start to turn grey. We heard the first rumblings of thunder in the distance and saw the first flashes of lighting. It was time to return to the boat and haul ass back to the the dock.

Swim children swim. Keane takes an every man for himself approach.

While Rosin keeps a grip on Cullen.

And here’s where the photos end, cos now the focus is getting everyone back on boat and out running the fast approaching storm.

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