July 24, 2016

Just in case you’ve been lying awake at night fretting, wondering where all the blog posts were this week, worry no more. For 5 mornings this week I was kid free, so all of my focus and energy went into packing in as much “me stuff” as I could in each of those 4 hours of freedom. I ran miles fast so that when I finished, I still had time to drive like a mad women to the coffee shop, order a coffee, maybe even have a second to sit down and enjoy it in the way it was meant to be enjoyed, hot. Not reheated 4 times in the microwave over a 2 hour period cos sure as sh#t every time you try to take a sip, “someone” (the children) needs you for something. I’d race from the grocery store, to the post office, back to the house to pick up the dog and take him for his walk. Basically each day I wore myself out trying to pack in as much me-time and errand running as I possibly could before the boys had to be picked up. My freedom hours were definitely not for relaxing, they were for racing, nay, sprinting, me versus the clock, “how much can you get done Shinks? Lets see you go, remember tick-tock-tick-tock”.

Then it was the weekend, a very exciting weekend cos we had some friends fly in to spend 3 days with us. There’ll be more on that in a day or 2, but for now, let me share these 3 smiling cuties.

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