Kid Free

July 19, 2016

A little quiet on the blog this week cos this momma has sent her boys to summer camp. Wahoo! For this entire week my mornings are now kid free. Its so exciting. I can’t even prioritize what should get my focus and attention for those 4 hours I’m that excited. Having the ability to go through the supermarket a leisurely pace is a luxury I haven’t experienced in 4 years. Usually I’m racing though at a panic pace, trying to get everything I need before 1 or both of them demands to get out of the trolley, grabs something off a shelf, wants to taste test everything, starts fighting with each other or starts telling everyone how bored they are and how they hate the grocery store. Honestly some trips are barely survivable. Now however I’ve been gifted the time to get things done, kid free, yet I’m feeling so under pressure to enjoy that time that I’m actually panicking about not enjoying it enough. Motherhood, eah? But I still prefer this type of panic to the one I have when the kids are tagging along.

And in the absence of any new photos to share, and just to prevent a long stretch of blog silence, here are a couple more photos of the boys celebrating 4th of July with a patriotic tandem slide.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Enjoy it–the hours will fly by and it will be back to having no time at all again.

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