Gym Time

June 29, 2016

Summer is all about having more time to try new things and for the longest time now I’ve been wanting to take the boys to a gymnastics class. I felt it fit perfectly with the things they enjoy, namely climbing, running, jumping, crawling, swinging and rolling, basically everything thats physical and active. So a couple of weeks ago I took them to their first gymnastics class. They both loved it, my only complaint was that the mommas were not allowed on the gym floor. We had to watch from a fenced in area at the back go the gym. This didn’t sit right with me for 2 reasons, 1. you can’t get a good photo from the back of the gym and 2. how was I suppose to get any kind of photo of my little gymnasts from the back of the gym? I felt photographically sabotaged but refused to be defeated. So out with the trusty iPhone and click click we got ourselves a few sneaky photos of the boys in action.

The boys classes are on different days, here’s Cullen with the 2 year olds getting all warmed up.

Onto the balance beam and under the swing bar.

Crawl unders, climb overs.

Little boy, big bars.

Keane getting warmed up with the other 4 year olds.

Solo beam walk.

Climb and dive overs.

Swing time.

Almost Rio ready.

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