Splash Park

June 25, 2016

Its hot here in Georgia right now, damn hot. So most of our activities these days are water based. Lakes, pools, splash parks, we want all of it. This week we co-ordinated our trip to the splash park with our friend Bryson. And let me just say, these boys went crazy, like 3 Red Bulls and maybe a shot or 2 of vodka crazy. They were so pumped up, and moving so fast I nearly had to reach for my own alcohol infused energy drink just to keep up with them #anyexcuse

The joy of the splash park.

Happy dance.

Happy bounce.

Keane can’t believe the massive centre piece fountain.

The fast moving Bryson.

Still feeling the joy. Still dancing his happy dance.

There’s a dinosaur roaring game happening here.

Hard to tell if Bryson is drinking or sniffing the water.

Cullen trying to copy.

Cullen and Bryson found a dish, so now they must discuss.

Its time to take on the big fountain.

The force of the water had Bryson almost levitating.

Cullen did not feel compelled to run through the big fountain, not when the small ones were still making him this happy,

This red bucket filled up periodically and then dumped out water. The kids loved it. Just look at that crowd gathered, waiting to be saturated.

I was trying desperately to get a photo of the 3 friends together, but they were in a constant state of all over the place. This was the best I could manage.

Then I tried getting them to sit together, fail, Cullen hates me for it and the other 2 are busy gossiping.

Cullen then turns me his other cheek as he exits, while Keane and Bryson mock me. Kids!

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