Aqua Therapy

June 23, 2016

Due to a slight twinge in his calf, sustained at his last race, our good friend and client of The Husband, Asafa Powell stayed with us last week while going through some treatment. To give him a break from his daily appointments, ice baths and endless stretching, we decided to take him up to the lake for en evening of aqua fun.

Relaxing in the role of spectator.

But it was only a matter of time before the boys demanded Asafa take a go on the tube.

This shot of Cullen & Keane, you just know they’re up to something.

Right after their scheming, suddenly there was an injection of boat speed.

Cullen was loving this. He kept screaming “faster, faster Dada“.

The laughing might be more fear, then fun.

Look at shady Cullen, waving like he had nothing to do with overspeeding boat.

Someone’s happy the boat is finally slowing down.

A little lazy relaxation floating.

So Keane gets the biggest tube, while the biggest man in the group is left paddling in the smallest. That seems fair.

Owning that tiny tube.

Shark attack!

Thank goodness we had Keane to take control of the situation.

Yes a day in the life of a mother is hard work, exhausting and always difficult, but some days the universe steps in and rewards you for all of your efforts with something nice to look at.

Then suddenly you get snapped back to realty by the hostile pouty face of your 4 year old, cos apparently he’s been calling you for the last 5 minutes but you didn’t hear him, cos, well…..

…this. You’re welcome ladies ;)

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