Boy Time

June 21, 2016

This past weekend for the momma’s was all about the business of racing up mountains. But for the boys, it was all about the fun of hanging with their cousins. We stayed at an adorable lodge in gorgeous New Hampshire, about a 20 minute drive from Mt. Washington. It came with a pond, a river and a pool, a pool that was still very much holding onto its winter chill. The New Hampshire weather is just at the early stage of its summer warmth, so a few more weeks needed before the pool temps really creep up.

No need to ask Keane if the water’s cold.

No procrastinating here, Mike tosses James straight in.

The day of the race was perfect weather wise, but that wasn’t the story 12 hours prior. The evening before the race we drove to Mt. Washington to pick up our race numbers and it rained, hard.

To avoid getting wet we hung out under one of the big tents, yet somehow, the kids all ended up wet. I wonder how that happened?

No sign of it letting up, so a mad dash to the car with some very wet boys.

For the rest of the weekend it was all about the great outdoors. Paul thought Cullen how to fish.

James and Keane were on a never ending hunt for frogs.

And of course everybody eventually ended up at the river.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Paul and James are currently rocking a couple of bad ass mohawks.

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