Most days with the boys is a balancing act. I’m not talking about the self-actualizing, yoga style not really applicable to the real world or daily grind inner balance type bullshit. I’m talking about the ability to remain balanced and mentally stable in the face of sibling wars. The wars common to 3 and 2 year olds the world over, namely sharing, taking turns, swapping coveted possessions or who’s not staying on their side of the couch, chair, room, bed, blanket etc….. It can be exhausting, always trying to find the middle ground, or an outcome thats agreeable to both, or a solution that doesn’t always result in the older brother having to make the sacrifice just cos he’s older and understands more. Balance is tricky, not to mention hard f*#king work. Some days I nail it, like gold medals at the Mom-Olympics nailing it. Other days I completely bomb. I’m talking both kids (and sometimes a mother) crying. But if theres one thing parenthood will do, its throw you endless opportunities to win and fail.

Anyway, what got me babbling on the whole issue of balance to start with, was Keane’s last day of school and how I’d shared some snaps from Cullen’s last day, but not Keane’s. So here we are making things right and fair. However, I didn’t have my f’reals camera with me for Keane’s party, just my iPhone, but this is something he can use against me in his hostile teenager years, when he’s trying to arguing the angle and accuse me of loving one of my children more than the other.

Cullen was allowed to attend Keane’s last day too and spent most of the party parked at the sand table.

Attacking bubbles with balls.

Trying to test all the ball & catchers.

Keane and his classmate set up a game of hopscotch.

Popsicles to celebrate the end of the school year and the excitement for summer.

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