Fun In The Sun

May 17, 2016

I didn’t plan on leaving so many days between the last blog post and the current, its just happened organically. The husband is about to kick off a very busy summer of work travel, slightly busier than an average summer due to it being an Olympic year and I’ve come up against a solid month and a half of shooting. So we’ve basically just been tagging in and out of life. I’m rushing out the door as he’s rushing in and vice-versa. But this past weekend I wasn’t shooting, and the husband wasn’t traveling, so we spent the weekend doing the family thing, and I avoided my computer as much as possible.

But now its the final week of school for both the boys. Summer vacation is almost officially here, and there are sports days and parties to celebrate and mark the end of another successful year of learning and growing.

Fun in the Sun Day at Keane’s school. School photo and Keane felt the urge to seat himself apart from everyone else, even when I physically placed him close to the group, he scooted back to his preferred place. Am going to trust he had his own reasons for the move, so I didn’t force the issue.

Always a blast at the tug-a-war.

Nice co-ordinated pull technique from Team Keane.

Result = win!

The sack race.

Turns out the sack race wasn’t Keane’s strongest event. Lots of technical issues.

But he kept plugging away. Even when all his class mates were finished he kept digging in.


…but back up.

Finally, the finish line, and I was very proud of him. As a 3 year old there was a big chance of tears and frustration when he saw he wasn’t winning, but to my relief he stayed with the whole concept of fun.

Cullen and Julian engage in a game of oversized ball.

Guaranteed never to miss when your golf ball is this big.

Parachute! Wahoo!

Mad dash under.

Meanwhile back on the golf course.

It mighty be just me but I feel like that alligator is looking a little afraid of Cullen.

The duck pool turned out to be the place to be on a hot day.

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