Beverly Hills Baby

April 27, 2016

For our last day in California we got to hang out in swanky Beverly Hills. The Husband had some meetings there so while he busied himself with all the business stuff, the boys and I busied ourselves walking the swanky streets searching for a place where a girl could drop a cool million on something shiny for herself. Namely I was looking for Rodeo Drive. Cos lets be honest, there’s no women out there who doesn’t want to do the Julia Roberts, Pretty Women thing to a couple of snooty, stuck up Rodeo Drive sales assistances. Grant it Julia didn’t have 2 little boys in tow when she put her best bitch forward, but this was me, making the situation my own. Only problem was, we got lost, and the boys got hot and tired. So it was back to the hotel. No Rodeo Drive window shopping for the totallty unattainable for this girl, at least not that day (wink, wink).

Our hotel and a view of the streets and downtown LA. from out room.

On my nerve with the boys always wanting to hang out on the balcony. They’re both climbers and I just didn’t need the stress of them deciding to climb these rails.

Off for our walk/hunt for Rodeo Drive.

Cullen shares my enthusiasm for the expensive. He can’t wait to see him some high-end merchandise.

Keane decided to bring his own pen and paper so he could map our walk.



And sprinkles was as good as it got. They were having fun, until they weren’t.

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