The rain stayed with us for a second day, but we promised Ashton and Brianne we’d be on the track to help with any technical assistance or pacing they might need during their training session. And if there’s one things my boys are, its dedicated. Its an Olympic year after all. No slacking. There’s medals at stack here.

First up, hurdle work.

Impressive hurdling technique from Keane. Doesn’t get it from his momma thats for sure. Must be his godmother (Derval, are you watching??)

Trying to keep the random and spontaneous Cullen out of Keane’s way.

The “yeah, I nailed it face”.

Cullen’s turn.

His was more of the walk up and kick it over technique.

You can tell Keane is not impressed by Cullen’s kick it over technique. And you can tell Cullen doesn’t give a sh*t.

Keane walks through putting them all back up, while Cullen follows behind kicking them all down again. You know this lead to a fight.

Coach Harry threatens to beat Keane with the brush if he doesn’t run faster. (Kidding obviously)

Now its time to help Bri with her starts. Cullen misses the “Go!” cos the lid came off his water cup.

Meanwhile, back at the start line, Cullen is enraged with his cup.

Momma fixes the lid and now he’s happy and ready to take on Ashton.

An almost collision with the returning Bri and Keane.

Never really got around to working on our long jump, too busy building and trashing sand castles.

The fun is over, now its time to get some work down. DMG athletes, here’s who’s really sending out all those e-mails, contracts and proposals.

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