Life’s A Zoo

April 20, 2016

In my search for kid friendly things to do in and around the Santa Barbara area, the one thing that kept popping up on the information sites was the Santa Barbara Zoo. Apparently if you were a person with kids, which we were, it was a “must do“. “Small by zoo standards, but that was its charm”. “Scenic with a nice variety of well cared for animals.” Personally I’m not a big fan of zoos. I always end up feeling sad for the animals, but the boys have never been to a zoo so we thought this might be one of the better zoo’s to visit.

Our friend Brianne had a day off from training so she decided to come along for the joy.

Cullen trying to get up close and personal with the snakes.

They were pretty excited to see the elephants, but sadly this was as close as we could get.

And since elephants are one of Cullen’s favorite animals, he was pissed that he wasn’t allowed to climb over the fence for a better look.


And the elephants still lurking the background.

So the map Keane is holding caused all kinds of drama. Both boys wanted to hold it and navigate our way around the zoo. There was lots of yelling and tears of frustration. Had I known I would obviously have asked for 2 maps on our admission, but live and learn and in the end we figured out a sharing system that both agreed to, begrudgingly. Until I was able to locate a 2nd map. Joy all around.

Cullen’s turn with the map.

Thankfully they were able to put their differences over the map aside to have a little fun with this thing.

A momma giraffe and her 1 week old baby. So cute.

The boys, very neutral about it all.

The king of the jungle himself.

Cullen trying to bother a couple of sleeping foxes.

Not 100% sure but I feel like this guy was begging us to save him. He kept making his way to where we stood, moving faster then I thought a turtle should and his face looked very “pleading”.

So all the animals we saw were very nice, but what the boys really wanted to see was some dinosaurs. Without getting into the whole Jurassic Park story and how badly that ended fro all involved when they tried to create a dinosaur type zoo, not to mention the small issue of extinction, which I did my best to explain, Keane was insistent that dinosaurs were real and were somewhere here in the zoo. So we kept looking.

Cullen got in on the whole dinosaur search too and kept asking me “where triceratops go momma?”

Footprints, could this lead us to the dinosaurs?

Stepping stumps.

Jungle trees.

A choo-choo, now this was a welcomed distraction from the dinosaur questions.

Brianne was sweet enough to try and grab a photo that included me for a change.

Our driver.

The best shot I could get of our train ride while seated on the train.

That evening the rain moved in, but we still ploughed on with our plan to walk the Santa Barbra Pier.

Pause to watch a rowing race in action.

Cullen loved the pier.

Non-stop running.

Cullen was convinced the fog on the mountains was a “bolcano” (a volcano).

Bird watching.

Managed to grab this shot of the pigeon taking off.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot of Cullen. Don’t ask me what he’s doing, I have no clue.

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