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April 14, 2016

So you may remember last year we took a 2 week trip to Oregon, in a camper van, (click HERE for a wee reminder) yes, me and my then 16 month old, 3 year old and Husband living and loving (using the word loosely here) our brief taste of the gypsy life. Well this year when it became clear that we were about to embark on another trip with The Husband, I had one simple request, NO CAMPER VAN. Its too soon. Almost a full year since our gypsy adventure is still not long enough for me to reflect on the experience without focusing on the challenges and reigniting some hostility. So off he went tip-tapping away on his lap-top while I hovered over his shoulder, in full on bitch stance, projecting strong bitch vibes, micro-managing the entire selection process to ensure we didn’t end up in a camper van, teepee or yurt for the week. We settled on what looked like a decent option. Location, Santa Barbara, just over a mile from the beach and less than a mile away from where The Husband needed to be for work and where some of our friends were staying. It didn’t say for sure but we thought we caught a glimpse of a pool in one of the photos. Bonus if that worked out to be true. And based on all of the photos your about to see in this blog post, there was in fact a pool, AND a hot tub, double bonus. The house which we sourced from Airbnb, was so much more than it looked on the computer screen, it was perfect and if we’d done nothing else all week but swim in the pool, the boys would have been perfectly happy with that.

Because of the time difference (West coast is 3 hours behind us) the boys were wide awake at 5am, begging to get into the pool. The sun wasn’t even up, so I told them they had to wait. As soon as they spotted dawns first sun beams, they were off. No joke, its about 6.45am and there they both are.

They both became obsessed with the pool vacuum cleaner. I tried to take it out a couple of times but they were having none of it.

Pool cleaner Cullen.

Lots of this, splashing.

Off to swim a couple of lengths.

Keane always believes Cullen needs “saving” and is always swimming out and dragging him back to the wall. You can tell by Cullen’s face that being “saved” by Keane is not up there on his list of favorite things.

Well hello there handsome boy with cheeky smile.

One minute your working your cute angles for the camera and the next your getting splashed in the face by your big brother.

Then Daddy showed up, cannon ball style.

Cannon balls all around.

Cullen not on board with the cannon ball trend.

He was more into playing diggers in the hot tub.

All wrapped up after a hard morning of swimming.

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