Gaining Smarts

March 31, 2016

One of the perks of motherhood is getting the opportunity to become a much smarter version of your current self, on subjects that up to this point you had little to no interest in. Whatever they’re into, those are the books your reading and they are the exhibits and museums you find yourself planning visits to. Right now my 2 are all about vehicles and dinosaurs, so this week we planned a visit to the Tellus Science Museum.

We had just pulled into the car park and this was what greeted us. A small exhibit of vehicles. Jackpot!

We almost didn’t have to go into the museum itself they were so excited by all of these oversized boy toys.

We love us some caterpillar wheels.

Now this is a monster truck. Initially Cullen was a little intimidated, but as you can see, Keane was do a jig happy to be in the presence of such a truck, so Cullen eventually warmed up to it.

I did a little reading cos I was curious as to what a truck of this size was used for. Well, it just so happens that it was used in the gold mines of Nevada, removing all kinds of massive rocks and rubble. And its so big that its too big to even drive on the highways and interstates of the US, its brought in in parts and assembled at the site. This educational moment was brought to you by me! Your welcome.

Cullen a little upset about leaving the trucks.

But everything was ok when we walked into the museum and saw this bad boy of dinosaur bones. The boys even sat in on a class that was learning all about the apatosaurus.

Keane is all ears and Cullen is making sure momma isn’t too far away.

The leader of our visit and chief of following the map.

Even more dinosaurs.

The boys all hands on thinking it was some sort of prehistoric rock.

Come to find out it was dinosaur poop.

Choo-Choos and a happy Cullen.

I tried to explain all things carriages and horses to the boys, and how that was the mode of transportation long ago, but they looked at me like I was crazy.

Getting up close to an airplane propeller.

All things space.

An astronaut suit that Keane was a too short to reach. You can just make out the top of his head on the right.

The gemology section and we are panning for gold.

Our t-shirts got soaked during our pan for treasure, so it was off to the gift shop for some new shirts to go dig for fossils in.

Hmmm, 2 very different things happening inside the brains of both these boys.

Oh and as well as t-shirts, they each got a giant dinosaurs. Damn you gift shop.

On the way out we paused to say  ”good-bye” to Mr. apatosaurus.

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