Easter Prep

March 26, 2016

Its the day before Easter and preparations are finally under way. Last minute-dot-com is how we roll in this house. The boys spent the afternoon working on the centre-pieces for tomorrow Easter dinner. More than just the eggs ended up getting the decorative treatment. Lets just say its going to be a very Dinosaur/Monster Truck type Easter celebration.

Cullen was all for lashing a bit of everything on his eggs.

Delighted with himself.

Keane switching things up by painting the claws of his dinosaurs and stamping his eggs with dino-footprints

A festive pink dino-print.

Fancy fluffy balls were added to this overly clawed fella.

Cullen’s focus switches to decorating his monster trucks.

Then it was our hands.

Finally putting together the finished centre pieces for tomorrows dinner table.

You can tell this ones Cullen’s, the truck kind of gives it away.

And this one is Keane’s, cos of the dinosaur.

The work station. Left for yours truly to clean up.

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