Reptilian Birthday

March 23, 2016

Today we are sharing some photos from the reptilian celebration that was the 4th birthday party for our good friend Bryson’s this past weekend. Like most of our boys in this age bracket, Bryson is into all things creatures and bugs and dinosaurs, so having someone come with trunks and cages full of creatures was the perfect treat for all. But the reactions to these creatures was so varied and entertaining. For some it was fear and tears, others it was curiosity but from a safe distance and for a small number of kids it was joy and an eagerness to touch.

Birthday boy Bryson got to sit in a very special seat next to Mr. Greg the reptile man.

So don’t ask me the names of all the various creatures that pop up in these photos, my answers will be very vague and general, for example, here we have a smallish lizard.

Birthday boy gets to hold him/her…

….and then walk it around to his friend so they could get a closer look and touch. Little girl to the left, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

Here we have a small snake.

Keane’s impressed.

Bryson was not a fan of the snakes, so Mr. Greg walked him around for everyone to look at. Keane completely unfazed.

So now we’ve moved onto the big lizards. At this point Bryson was more comfortable watching the show from the safety of dads lap.

I looked around in time to see this moment of Keane reassuring Cullen that everything was ok.

Again, not a bother on Keane, up and over for the touch.

Ok now, this situation right here, not a fan of it, not one bit. Thats a no joke snake.

These curious boys slide up even closer to her a better look.

Nerves of steel, honestly, has to get it from his dad cos sure as sh#t its not from his mom.

Cullen on the other hand was just like mom, “oh I’m ok watching from way back here.

It was the toy snakes that Cullen was more interested in. He even shared his water with this one.

With all the creatures safely away, it was cake time.

Look at that happy shy face.

Cupcakes for the lads.

Sugared up and time to hit the bouncy house. Keane gives Cullen some assistance by using the dragging method. And Cullen in the bouncy house meant that momma had to get in too to help protect him from the falling bodies of bigger kids. So that was my cue to put the camera away and focus on the play safety of my youngest.

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