That Feeling Of Failing

March 21, 2016

Honesty alert! I’ve just come out of a rough few days with the kids. The kind of days where you don’t know if your the moody bitch or if its all them. The kind of days when you just feel like your failing. No matter what you do or how hard you try, one of them is pissed. Sometimes having 2 kids is just pure struggle. I can be an awesome mom to one, fighting dinosaurs with Keane, making car ramps with Cullen, playing tag with Keane, dancing and singing to nursery rhythms with Cullen, learning to read with Keane, reading books with lots of lift-flaps to Cullen. Its all fun and games until theres two of them, each demanding my attention and participation in 2 completely unrelated activities. Then its mass chaos and nobody seems to be happy. Its in those moments you find yourself suddenly being introduced to some pretty ugly versions of yourself as a mother, irritable, grouchy and short tempered, to name just a few. Nothing will humble you more in this world than having kids #truth. Its a day by day game of survival and its a total mom win when you can hold it together, work through the chaos and get to a place where order is restored. You’ve negotiated an activity that pleases both kids or figured out a system that everyone agrees on, albeit begrudgingly. Then you cross your fingers and hope it lasts more than a few minutes before you have to handle the next catastrophe.

One of these days what I need to do it pick up my camera, in the midst of one of these chaotic moments and take a few snaps of the more challenging side of parenting. However, taking photos is absolutely the last thing on your mind when your trying to regain control of a sinking ship. Anyway, enough of the gross admissions, lets power on with some photos of a mom-win. Yes, 20 minutes prior to my capturing these, we were inside losing our minds cos somebody kept knocking down something the other was trying to build. Or one kept taking the toy the other was just about to play with. Its was complex, it was messy and it was causing momma to lose her mind. In a lightbulb moment I suggested digging in the dirt with our new Dino Trux, for the win.

Order is restored and we are all besties again.

Cullen wants to share his stick finds with momma.

Done with the Dino Trux and suddenly Keane wants to play with Cullen’s dump truck. I’ll admit I was nervous and cautiously watching for Cullen’s reaction to this bold move by Keane. But he was too busy stealing a ride on Keane’s digger to care.

Flexing to show his power.

This is why Cullen showed no interest in Keane’s dump truck stealing.

Even when Keane raced right past him, he didn’t even flinch, Dino Trux and diggers was his happy place.

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