Hostage Situation

October 31, 2010

It felt like a hostage situation. I was confined to the couch or bed, but mostly the couch. I was not allowed to move around freely. Not to the bathroom, not to kitchen, not even to the cubbards to steal mini Snickers that were suppose to be for wee trick or treater’s. Periodically my captor (The Husband) would make his rounds, dishing out ice-packs, anti-inflammatories and instructions to keep my ankle elevated. And in return I would dish out attitude. Lots and lots of attitude. You see I’m not a great hostage and I’m even a worse patient. Much like a stubborn 2 year old, I hate not doing things for myself. I’m a control freak and I have my own unique ways and systems of getting things done, especially in the house, so releasing all power and responsibility to The Husband for the duration of my confinement, was very, very hard. But biting my tongue when he arrived back from grocery shopping with nothing but potato chips, Cheez-Its, pop-tarts and a replacement flusher apparatus for the toilet, was even harder. “Oh sh*t, I forgot to get milk”, he said. I looked at him in bewilderment. “Milk?? Milk?? Seriously?? What about fruits, vegetables, or anything carrying a nutritional value outside of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or modified cornstarch?? Huh??”. But I said nothing. He was trying.

Luckily I had promised my friend Tessa I would help her with a couple of photos shoots she had going on today, and after much “debating” (i.e arguing), a through examination of the foot, the issuing of a survival pack full of pills, supports, dry ice, fluids and the promise to utilize the contents of said pack at regular intervals, I was granted permission to leave the house for a couple of hours. Halleluia. And thank goodness, cos it was such a perfect day for shooting the engagement session of Sarah & Adam, a smashing couple who are getting married next weekend. And as Tessa and I waddled our way down towards a reservoir to capture some scenic shots, I looked back up the hill and saw little Sade, sitting deep in thought as she waited for us to finish. Sade is an awesomely sweet Highschool senior who came along to assist Tessa and I with the shoot. And she did an amazing job, handling the reflector like a complete pro. If Sade didn’t have big dreams of  heading off to college to become a child psychologist, I would put her in my camera bag and take her on all my shoots. She had me smiling and laughing all day long.

Happy Sunday everyone. And Happy Halloween.

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