Just Listen!

October 29, 2010

Two weeks ago the universe tried to send me a message when I not once, but twice twisted my right ankle in the space of 2 days. The incident’s caused me to miss my first week back training after a 6 week break. But no biggy, it was only a week and last Monday I was back in action.

However, I clearly was not listening and had not picked up on the initial message being sent, cos this week I busted up my left ankle. And no, I’m not kidding. It was during a step-up drill, my left foot was planting on the ground, it hit an awkward ridge and cause my ankle to roll with the full weight of my body coming down on top of it. Within a split second I was simultaneously on my arse and rolling around in unbearable pain. It was just the worst. I am either THE most clumsiest person every to graze the earth’s surface or someone is desperately trying to send me the message that I need to reconsider my choice of sports. Clearly I’m being forced into becoming Ireland’s answer to Michael Phelps, minus certain recreational activities of course (wink, wink) or, an international wheel-barrow racer. Basically anything that does not require me to be on my feet in any way shape or form for any period of time. Personally I believe I can’t go wrong with the wheel-barrow racing. My gut and now the universe is telling me that this is where my sporting star will shine at its brightest.

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