Happy 2nd Birthday Cullen

February 23, 2016

Just over a week ago my youngest baby turned 2. But due to all of our travel and the week spent in the trenches fighting the war on illness, I just couldn’t seem to get around to celebrating his milestone moment here on the blog. So lets go ahead and fix that now, before I start the sharing of photos from our trip to Ireland.

What can I say about my little toddler Cullen? He is simultaneously the sweetest, yet most trying child ever. He’s got a cheekiness and a spunk that I find both challenging and irresistible. He’s a momma’s boy straight up, and he makes no apologies for it. You want to play trucks with him? He’ll walk right up to you, take the trucks from your hand and say “Momma do it” as he marches across the room to give me the trucks. Offer to help him tie his shoes, “No, Momma do it”.  Try to open something for him, “No, Momma do it”. It may leave you feeling slightly wounded, but you know who doesn’t care? Cullen. He knows exactly what he wants and he will not tolerate it any other way. He’s the type of child that makes you work for his affections. He deems everyone shady until they prove otherwise. And even though you may have succeeded in breaking down some of his walls today, thinking that cos he eventually let you play and interact with him you are now besties, well you would be very much mistaken. The next morning you will find yourself back to square one, working your ass off trying to re-earn his trust and affections. He’s obsessed with all things truck, monster truck, cars, diggers and trains. He adores his big brother and spends his days trying to copy everything Keane does. His language abilities blow me away, the words and sentences falling out of his mount these days are impressive and funny. Books are another one of his favoutire things. His room is a constant mess of books. He pulls them off the shelf one by one and demands that you “read it to me mommy.” His way of saying “yes” is to bounce his entire body. No matter where we are, when he hears a song he likes, he dances and often demands “momma do it too“. Luckily I’m an amazing dancer, think Beyonce, so its never embarrassing when I have to twerk it out in the middle of the poultry aisle at the supermarket. Honestly, this blog could go on and on. There are literally hundreds of things I could list about this little fella, but it all basically comes down to us feeling like the luckiest parents in the world to have him in our lives. The family just wouldn’t be complete without him. So “Happy 2nd Birthday” to my not so Baby Cullen.

I know I take tons of photos of my boys. You know I take tons of photos of my boys. The blog is full of nothing but photos of my boys. But each year on their birthday I try to make the effort to dress them a little smarter and capture some photos of them doing nothing other than being themselves. And each year since Keane was born I’ve managed to pull it off. This year however, I was a couple of days past his actually birthday. In my defense we were in the throws of jet lag, and his mood just wasn’t right for a photo session. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Cullen, he will not do anything he doesn’t want to do. But we eventually managed it, so here for your viewing pleasure, is my 2 year old boy, Cullen.

And while I try to make the session mostly about the birthday boy, there is no way not to include the sibling, they are such an important part of each others lives.

The adventures, sometimes reckless Keane.

Yep, Keane got to dress nice and sharp too.

Take it off momma, no like the jacket”. So off came the jacket.

Another runner in the family.

If you ask Cullen how old he is, he yells “Twoooo” and throws up his 2 fingers.

It never goes the way I want, yet I always try to get a photo of the boys together.

I wasn’t planning to have a birthday party for Cullen this year. My thinking was that he’s not fully clued into the whole birthday thing, and I find hosting parties a little stressful, so we were just going to celebrate it ourselves. Well turns out he knew exactly what was going on and I was struggling with some mom guilty over my “no party” decision, so in the end I decided on a little birthday play date.

Ballons, its not a birthday without balloons.

Team effort on the candle blowing.

Yep, I saw that Cullen.

3/4 of the family. Daddy had a business trip.

Group shot.

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