Old Wounds

October 28, 2010

Anyone seen “The Social Network” yet? Well The Husband and I checked it out last night and I have to say good movie, but it pissed (I’m sorry, I know I should have use abbreviations here but somehow it just didn’t look the same) me off. Why? Because it brought up old memories of an idea I had years ago while studying for my finals at Waterford IT. And that idea, was the KitKat Chunky. Yes people, I am the original mastermind behind the KitKat Chunky.

It came to me so organically one day as I tired to elevate my blood sugar levels right before a Statistics final by consuming your standard 4-fingered KitKat original. For some reason the millimeter thickness of chocolate that covered each civilized finger of wafer, was doing absolutely nothing to satisfy my addict style chocolate craving, so I ended up polishing off a second serving.  About half way through that second bar I turned to my friend Darina and said “you know what KitKat need to do girl? They need to make one giant ass finger of wafer and smother it in chocolate so thick, you’d need a hammer a chisel to help you eat it“. Being a choc addict like myself, Darina of course thought this was a genius.

Fast forward roughly one year later and I’m walking from Connolly Station to Heuston Station in Dublin. A discarded wrapper catches my attention. To my horror I discover that its a wrapper of none other than A KitKat Chunky. I was stopped in my tracks. There, laying on the streets of Dublin was my original idea realized. What the..?? Who stole it? Who is sitting pretty on billions of Euros worth of profit from a concept that I came up with??  I-was-mad and felt just like those meat-head rowers in the movie, the only difference? No big shot corporation was being forced to throw $65 million in my direction by way of apology. Rude! I wonder if its too late for me to assemble a legal team and take what is rightfully my share of a chocolate fortune. Maybe the meat-head rowers would be interested in offering some advice and representation.

In a completely unrelated issue, I wanted to share the photos of this little teddy bear of a puppy that I photographed at DCAC yesterday. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it was not to take this little guy home. Too stankin cute and a perfect distraction from any hard feelings about missing millions in chunky chocolate sales. If anyone is interested, he and lots more of his little friends are available for adoption either directly through DCAC or Petfinder.com

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  1. Rupa says:

    and kitkat chunky coulda’ made you a milliionairess….or something like that! ; )

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