Pool All Day

February 21, 2016

For our final day in Orlando all the boys wanted to do was swim. So we let them. Keane, Cullen and I were boarding a flight to Ireland that evening, so a day full of pool time shenanigans meant that come evening, I would have 2 very wore out boys on my hands, and if the travel Gods were feeling anyway generous, this would translate itself into 2 boys sleeping the entire 7 hours to Dublin. So swim my little tadpoles, swim, ALL DAY LONG.

Jumping into the pool, it never stops being fun when your 3 years old.

Cullen giving his best “Blue Steel”.

Time to give this diving thing a go.

Delighted with himself.

Keane announces he’s going to do a cannon ball.

But modified it slightly, knee grab before airborne rather than once your airborne. Which I believe is more adorable.

Cullen minding his own business, swimming away.

Until Keane announces that he’s going to help Cullen swim.

But instead ended up unintentionally trying to drown him.

A game of football begins.

Uncle Mookie with the throw.

Ferocious competition for the catch.

A new game of throw the ball and toss the child. James in action for the catch.

Mad catching skills from Paul.

No ball involved here, just go ahead and toss the child.

The only way to grab a photo of Pa, snap him unaware at the end of a long day of swimming.

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