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February 18, 2016

The week of illness continues. And yesterday Keane joined the party. Another doctor visit, another trip to the pharmacy and yet more long sleepless night. I’m tired. They’re tired. We’re all grumpy and there’s a lot of emotion flying around the house. The Husband is currently in New York, shopping (just kidding, he swear’s he’s working) but every time he calls to check in I want to verbally rip his face off. He’s missing all of the snotty, pukey, coughing, sweating, long nights of fun and as a result, when he calls, he has to suffer the psychotic anger and tears and blame for all that is wrong in the world, or at least whats wrong in my world. But honestly, I feel being the verbal punching bag is the least he can do. I mean, he gets to hang up his phone, put his head down on his fluffy hotel room pillow and sleep all night long. OMG, that last sentence just gave me the major rage, Husband, if your reading this, don’t call right now, I’m about to go nuclear.

But the up side of these long nights is its given me the opportunity to comb through a bunch of our vacation photos. And seeing everyone happy and healthy is a nice distraction from our current situation. Today I’m sharing photos from our visit to Gatorland. This place was amazing. The boys loved it, I love it. If you find yourself vacationing in Orlando, you should definitely check it out.

The boys watching all the gators soaking up the morning sunshine.

So many gators.

Cullen was fixated for the longest time.

Some bad ass birds showing zero gator intimidation.

An albino gator.

Taking our seats for one of the shows.

Lots of dangerous creatures being introduced to us.

This box was placed in front of my sister in law. She was asked to open it. Instead she tries to look away and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Her face pleads with another lady at the back to open the box and to her relief, the lady obliges.

And this was what was inside, a tarantula.

Keane throws the tarantula some shade as its brought around for a closer look.

Big snakes.

Now this right here, WTF? I was amazed. Nerves of steal.

Off to watch us some gator wrestling.

The gator is selected.

Someone needed a closer look.

Definitely not my idea of fun.

I guess Cullen found people spotting to be more interesting.

Time for some photos on the alligator. Paul first.

Followed by James.

Keane on deck.

Not a bother.

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