A Magical Few Hours

February 16, 2016

There is no way you can go to Orlando with kids and NOT visit Disneyland. In fact, I think hotels are encouraged to “turn in” the names of any parent who vacations with their children and does not spend at least 1 day at the Magic Kingdom. So being the good tourists that we are, we decided to comply with the expectations and spend our 2nd day in Orlando at the magical land of Disney. And it was magical, for the first almost 2 hours. But very quickly the busyness of the park and the long lines for everything, started to wear the boys out fast. I did my best to keep the mood as happy, cheery and magical as the professionally trained Disney employees, but thats whole other level of cheer right there. Years of smile and joy training I’m sure goes into every person who puts on that Disney shirt, and it shows. But I wanted the boys to have the best time, I wanted them not to focus on the crowds or the long lines and short rides, but to instead to talk to them about the numerous Disney characters we might see, and the fun that we’d have once we eventually made to the top of each of the long lines. And it worked, each time I brought forward my inner Disney cheerleader, they rallied, for 10 mins then all I heard was “when can we go back to our apartment and play in the pool?” Seriously, we paid an arm and a leg to get into this place, y’all are going to suck it up at least until the 3pm parade. But we never saw that 3pm parade. When children are over it, they are OVER IT. And I was exhausted trying to keep the mood positive and happy, so after lunch we bounced.

But here we are minutes after our arrival, when the excitement and joy was still high.

Not a bad family photo captured by Gandma Doyle.

The magic of Cinderella’s castle.

This was the type of joy and excitement I was hoping to see on their little faces. I was just hoping it was going to last the entire day.

They got the Disney buzz.

Whats going on here I hear you ask??

Well, we’re following and walking like the ducks obviously.

The infamous teacups.

That face.

Keane is controlling the spinning of the cup and Cullen is looking dizzy.

That moment when you don’t want to get out of the teacup.

But the consolation prize, driving a race car with Daddy.

Pile up. After this point things went downhill fast. I wasn’t snapping many photos cos I was busy trying to navigate the breakdowns while encouraging everyone to dig deep, the parade would be worth it.

But I wasn’t enough, and here we area about to board our steam boat to the car park.

Our steam boat.

Bye Disney, I’m sure you will see us again.

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