Baby Bear Par Duex

January 28, 2016

Baby Bear was actually suppose to spend his weekend with one of Keane’s other classmates, but Friday the little girl wasn’t feeling well so her momma kept her home. Keane however, volunteered to take Baby Bear home for another stay at the Doyle house. I was in full support of Keane’s spontaneous decision, cos when Bear Bear comes to visit, he makes momma’s life run a little bit smoother. He’s my ally, my not so secret weapon in kid productivity. “Show Baby Bear how you eat all your dinner”.See your cars, all over the floor? Well Baby Bear would love to see where they go and how fast you can put them away.” “Look how tired Baby Bear is from his day of non-stop fun, lets show him how we put on our pajamas, brush our teeth and jump into bed for story time.” Days with kids can be long and challenging, use what you have to to survive, thats what I say. Then, for each survived day, reward yourself with at least 1 glass of wine, 2 for the particularity grueling days that saw you almost go Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. Cheers! Now on with the Baby Bear show.

Friday evening there was a small snow flurry, the boys and Baby Bear watched from the window.

We quickly put on our jackets and boots, but it didn’t stick. Now we were just a couple of kids with a bear, playing in the cold, wet evening. We tried to get a group shot but Baby Bears hat kept falling off and became a major distraction.

I wonder when it is they stop showing interest in puddles, not anytime soon judging by my 2.

Friday nights the boys like to make pizza and watch a movie, and as our guest, Baby Bear is expected to like the same things.

Sometimes Cullen forgets he has hands.

Now we’re all at it.

Saturday morning, hooray for the snow.

And of course you saw these photos of Baby Bears trip to the Dino exhibit.

Baby Bear also comes with some books featuring bears, and after reading “We’re going on a Bear hunt” the boys wanted to make their own bears, using glue and coffee for the fur.

My kitchen smelled like a trendy coffee house for the duration of this project.

Cullen showing more interest in painting glue and coffee onto the table than the paper.

Sure go right ahead and dump all on there.

The champion taste tester.

I think he liked it ; )

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