Prehistoric Sunday

January 26, 2016

Its all about dinosaurs and trucks in the house these days. For almost a year now Keane has been living in s state of obsession over all things dinosaur. He has his favorite books that we read over and over again. His favourite dinosaur TV shows that we watch everyday while eating lunch. And he has his favorite dinosaur, Concord, the dinosaur recently hatched from the egg he got for Christmas. Honest to goodness, I could rock up to any of the major universities right now, and completely ace my doctorate, or at the least, a masters in paleontology (the study of dinosaurs), such is the depth of my dinosaur knowledge these days. Cullen is the one that lives and breaths all things truck, but like the rest of us, he too has been dragged along on the dinosaur train and can even identify a few of the more popular dinosaurs and some of their stand out features. But his favorite thing to do it crash into Keane’s dinosaurs with his monster trucks. This is Keane’s least favorite game.

Last week while driving the radio announced a Dinosaur exhibition that was going to be in Atlanta for just one weekend. So I called the Husband, told him to cancel all his plans for Sunday cos we were about to go prehistoric.

From the moment I told him Keane was in countdown mode. In the days leading up to the exhibit he would go to the website and watch the 30 second promo video over and over and over again.

As the day grew closer I was getting a little concerned about the fear factor. These dinos weren’t small, they were lifelike and they moved and growled, I was sure this was about to lead me into days, maybe weeks of traumatizing nightmares.

But as you can see, Keane was in dino heaven. Cullen was unsure. He stared uncomfortably, and when the dinosaurs moved or roared, he walked steadily towards me, throwing the dinosaurs a few side-eyes just to make sure they weren’t following him and remained very close to mommas side for most of the exhibit.

You may remember Baby Bear, he’s a bear at Keane’s school and each weekend one of the kids gets to take Baby Bear home and include him on all of their weekend adventures. Well, it was Keane’s turn again this weekend, so thats why you see him popping up in some of the photos. I’ll be doing a separate blog post on what we did for Baby Bear’s second visit with our family soon.

Just a little note on the tops the boys are wearing. Sunday morning before we left to go to the exhibit, The Husband handed me the tops and told me this is what the boys had to wear. They were Patriots tops (his favorite football team), a gift from their grandma and cos the Patriots were playing the NFL playoffs later that day, the boys had to show the world who they were cheering for. Well, come to find out later, they were actually pajama tops. Yep, the boys wore half pajamas to the dinosaur exhibit. And for all the non-NFL followers out there, the Patriots ended up losing. Sorry people of New England, I know the wounds are still fresh.

Now Cullen was a big fan of the baby dinosaur. Less threatening.

As was Keane.

Screams of excited fear.

Entering the play zone.

Cullen gives his loudest T-Rex roar.

Bouncy castles, slides and all things inflatable.

Digging for fossils.

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