Let It Snow 2016

January 24, 2016

So this happened over the weekend, SNOW! Not alot, and only for a few hours. But enough to create some excitement and get us up and out into the freezing cold not long after the sun rose.

The boys watching the snow fall as I try to make breakfast quickly due to little boy impatience to get outside.

And we are off on our snow exploration.

Mouths open trying to catch some snowflakes.

Cullen sneaks off to touch the snow.

Verdict: COLD

Keane the climber.


Couldn’t resist a taste.


Keane found some kind of sink hole and for some reason both lads loved stomping around in it.

Until Cullen didn’t want to share and Keane was over being yelled at.

So he went and found a new, bigger sink hole away from his hostile younger brother.

Dexter, having the best time.

The 2-legged and 4-legged boys.

Puddles, always on the hunt for puddles.

This is our fire-pit, now full of water cos of all the rain and frozen cos of the snow.


Group shot to finish.

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