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January 21, 2016

I’m disorganized by nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging. I want so desperately to be the girl who has a place for everything and everything in its place, but like I said, its not my nature. I know where everything is mind you, which is bizarre, but its been said that creative people live chaotic lives, so for the sake of some inner peace, lets go ahead and call me a creative, that way if you show up unannounced to my home and catch me in all of my disorganized glory, you will simply smile, nod your head in knowing acceptance and say “would ya look at her there in a whirlwind of creativity, sure isn’t she great“. And I will be liberated from feelings of embarrassment and shame that my house fails to maintain a magazine style standard of flawless living, but rather nurtures an environment of creativity. Honestly, nurturing this particular environment is not hard with two boys under the age of 4 who think nothing of spending their days undoing any and all of my attempted organizing efforts just so they can build forts, tunnels and slides. I mean one minute my bed is nicely made, the next minute I pass my 3 year old in the hallway, dragging his little brother on the very blanket I had just so nicely made. But look, in all fairness, I was disorganized before the lads arrived, so lets not even try and shovel the blame in their direction.

This week however, I’ve been putting forward a decent effort in trying to get control of the “creativity” around the house. Making big efforts to do all of those small annoying things you say your going to do but don’t, like mail your parents their Christmas presents (look, its done now so lets not focus on the fact that its mid-late January). Downsizing the junk drawers into 1, yes 1 junk drawer. Remove the 3 (or more) empty shampoo bottles sitting, in an orderly fashion I hasten to add, for who knows how long from the shower. Set the kids up with their own play room, in the hopes that play time messes will now be contained to one special area of the house. Yep, all you moms out there can just imagine how well thats playing out in real time. Basically, its not. And I still have yet to decide which is worse, stepping barefoot on a matchbox car or a lego. I’ve also been spending some time organizing and cleaning up my hard drives. Hard drives filled with photos of the boys. And during the process I came across these photos from our trip to the Southern Railway museum back in November. Didn’t get around to sharing them at the time, but here ya go now.

I wasn’t actually sure if the boys would enjoy the museum. As well as the train stuff, there’s a lot about the civil war which obviously means nothing to them right now, but surprisingly they were into it. Here they are gob smacked by a life-sized General Lee on his horse.

Before our visit to the museum they had no idea what a wagon or a cowboy or a gun was. By the end they wanted a wagon, to be a cowboy and for momma to go get them some guns. Remember when kids playing with guns (I’m talking toy guns obviously) was viewed as innocent fun?? Not so much nowadays.

In awe of the wheels. Everyone wanted to give them a sneaky touch.

Cullen waited for just the right moment. When he was alone and then…….

…boom, in for the touch.


Wyatt couldn’t believe he was standing next to a real train.

Neither could Cullen.

Our field trip leader, Keane.

This room right here was the highlight of the day. You’ll notice a small train track and train just above all of the photos. Well this train when activated by a red button, ran the length of the wall.

A close-up of the little train.

And it looks like Cullen found the red button.

Of course everyone wanted to give it a push.

Then it became a game of push the button and race the train.

The train is off and so is Cullen.

I’m not lying when I tell you that these boys chased this train up and down the room for almost an hour. Every time we tried to move on, they refused.

We eventually discovered the existence of a play area and that was the only way we got the boys to move on.

Happy to have some hands on playtime.

Keane driving a train in the train simulator.

Cullen and Wyatt get their turn too.

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