Welcome Concord

January 6, 2016

In addition to all of the toys and gifts that arrived at Christmas, we also welcomed an addition of the baby kind, a baby dinosaur. Keane is still very much in his dinosaur phase and one of his Christmas gifts happened to be a dinosaur egg that submerged in water, over the span of 3 days, slowly hatches and out comes a baby dinosaur. And he is completely OBSESSED with this baby dinosaur he’s calling “Concord”. The name has zero meaning, he just pulled it out of his a$$ (does that phrase translate outside of Ireland?? Guess we’re about to find out) when I put him on the spot by asking if he had a name for the new baby. And since his arrival last week, Concord has not left Keane’s side. We even made him his own little dino bed so he can sleep next to Keane’s bed at night. But the main goal is not to feed him too much. By holding back on his food consumption, Keane believes this will stop him growing into a big dinosaur and possibly eating not just all of us, but the house too, “that includes the roof momma, and probably all of the trees outside.” And really, thats a situation none of us want to deal with, not heading into a brand new year, an Olympic new year at that. So for now Concord just gets water. Water is the secret to keeping him a baby.

I’m going to be Concord’s dino momma, cos he doesn’t have a real dinosaur momma.”

Little Concord. Keane has identified the dinosaur as a pterodactyl due to the pointer thing on it head. But as we all know, pterodactyl’s had wings, and apparently Concord will get his wings when he gets bigger, “but not too much bigger, cos remember we don’t want the dinosaur to eat us.”

Concords bed.

Seeing Keane walk around with his baby dinosaur in a box, Cullen was demanding that he too be given a box with a blanket for his baby.

Cullen’s baby was of course, a truck.

And he was so happy and proud to give it its very own bed.

All tucked in.

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