A weekend filled with sweetness and sugar. Sweet because we got to spend our Sunday morning hanging with our SuperHero cancer fighter Gavin. And sugar because thats what decorating gingerbread houses is all about. Sugar by the fist fulls. More in the mouth than on the houses, tis the season after all.

On your marks. Get set. Decorate!

Keane straight into the roof decor.

With Cullen it was everything straight into the mouth.

Some candy did manage to find its way onto his gingerbread house, but am sure it was by complete accident.

Its was so good to finally see Gavin again. He and his family have been through so much the past 6 months, but he is still the happiest, chattiest, most social little fella around. Such an inspiring little soldier.

Gavin found a very unique and creative place to put his cone.

New play date member, the adorable Tripp.

Such intense concentration to get that candy on that house.

Cullen and Wyatt still eating.

Yes, we can see you Wyatt.

The only girl in the group filled with boys, the squeezable Dolly.

A few weeks shy of his 1st birthday, Gavin’s baby brother Swayer overlooks the sugary mess.

I saw Cullen grab hold of his gingerbread house with 2 hands, I knew something bad was about to happen.

There it is, he’s trying to find a way of getting the entire house into his mouth.

Gavin’s reaction to Cullen’s double fisting is priceless.

Look at Cullen’s face, he’s pissed Gavin called him out.

Keane is a big boy now, so he’s less messy about his candy consumption.

And he put together a pretty decent gingerbread house.

The brothers team up.

Gavin decorates while Sawyer tries to steal candy.

Well hello handsome.

With all that sugar pulsing through their veins it was time to play.

Tripp loved the firehouse.

The big boys chat about all things planes, trucks and Santa.

Cullen was excited to see that just like him, Sawyer has ears.

So this is how our attempt at a group shot went down. Basically, it didn’t.

The amazing Perkins family.

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