December 18, 2015

The holidays are all about traditions, and since Keane’s first Christmas 3 years ago, my friend Mike and I have established a tradition of going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Night of Lights. The display never disappoints and the boys reactions to it are what keeps us coming back each year. Until they become pre-teens, and they hate me, and they hate traditions and roll their eyes each time I suggest “doing something as a family”, and they won’t let me take pictures, and they won’t let me blog about them, and, and, and….. Dear God NEVER let them grow up. I just started nailing the toddler phase. I’m seriously not equipped to handle a couple of A-hole teenagers. Quick, back to happy thoughts and twinkly lights.

A shot of the moon peeking through the trees #soeffingartsy

Whats another Christmas tradition? School Christmas recitals, and last week both Keane and Cullen had recitals at their respective schools. Here’s Keane, a proud star walking in with some of his classmates.

He’s on the right. Look for the not so subtle big red circle.

Nailing it!

The little brother couldn’t care less. He’d rather watch the rain.

See, its not just the parents that get bored.

Group shot of Keane’s class.

A few days later and it was Cullen’s moment to shine in his Christmas show, as an angel. There he is, making his way to the stage.

Again, look to the right, for the not so subtle red circle. Again, nailing it!

Daddy and Keane are into it.

After his show Cullen ran to me, pulled at his wings and said “Off. No ‘ings momma.” Sorry kid, not till momma gets a picture.

Keane circles his brother, and I’m a little unsure if his face is one of envy over Cullen’s cute wings, or if  he’s thinking “Ha! Sucker.”

Either way the Christmas tunes start rocking and the boys start jumping.

Eventually I let Cullen take off his wings and to celebrate his freedom, he crawled around the floor. But in a very systematic way, by following the lines.

Keane making new friends at Cullen’s school and an instant game of tag begins.

Keane goes down.

Here I thought I was about to capture a proud momma moment of Cullen going over to help his big brother….

…but no, he was going over to sit on him instead.

This kid can’t quite figure out whats going on between my two, he must be an only child.

Keane tries to get up, but Cullen’s having none of it.

Eventually Keane breaks free.

This has become a typical scene, one minute wrestling and fighting, the next all hugs.

And now we’re chasing again.

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