This weekend I am second shooting a wedding in North Carolina with my good friend Katrina Wheeler for an absolutely adorable and very down to earth couple, Chandra & Maurice

Both Chandra & Maurice serve in the US Military and because they are currently stationed at opposite ends of the country, Maurice in Colorado and Chandra here in Atlanta, today was the only real opportunity they had to be together long enough to capture some engagement photos. I was on hand primarily to get some video footage of Katrina in action, but so cool and completely natural was this couple, that I couldn’t resist grabbing a few photos too. They are literally days away from getting married yet they are completely calm and unfazed by any and all of the last minute wedding arrangements and logistics. Am guessing this is due to their military experience of staying calm under pressure. A skill I would find useful let me tell you.

And even though the morning started off wet and raining, by the time it came to the shoot, everything seemed to stop. Timing was perfect, the couple was perfect and location was just right for the type of photos Chandra and Maurice were looking for.

We shot close to Downtown Atlanta and I love this picture cos I was able to incorporate some of the city buildings into the backdrop.

This photo with the American flag just felt so right. Right cos its Memorial Day today, but right also cos its a nod of gratitude to both Chandra & Maurice for the service and protection they provide for this nation. For that, we are truly grateful.

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  1. thanks for coming w/ me girl! I really really appreciate it! Had a blast shopping afterwords! :)

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Not a problem. The shopping was the icing.

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