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December 13, 2015

Let me share a little something with you about Irish women, we HATE to be in front of the camera. We’re our own worst critics and we’re relentless in picking ourselves apart should anyone manage to grab a snap shot of us. Crazy? Absolutely, but if you know any Irish women, then you know most of us are in fact crazy. While we were in Texas I told my friend Caitriona that I’d take some family photos for her. I made sure not to ask, cos in true Irish women style, she would throw up some very creative excuses so as to avoid putting herself in front of my camera. Telling her it was going to happen was the only way to do it. And wouldn’t you know, she did it. Even though it went against all of her instincts and pushed her so far outside of her camera comfort zone, she still did it. And since she’s already in the zone of discomfort, I thought I’d push her just that one step further and blog some of my favorites from the shoot. There’s a good chance my friend will hate me for this, but I’m willing to take the risk, cos I think she and her wee family are perfect and look nothing short of adorable.

Gorgeous Roisin (an Irish name pronounced “Row-sheen” for those unfamiliar). Only 6 years old but one of the smarts kids I’ve ever met. I couldn’t even pretend to know some of the things she talked about.

This little guy Ronan is all lad. High energy and doesn’t stay still, not for one second. There’s just too much that needs exploring for him to hang around.

There he is, gone.

While Daddy ran after Ronan, the ladies worked their fierce.

Fist bumps for the lads.

Daddy asked for a kiss, and this was Ronan’s response.

Shooting fast was paramount, Ronan would only give me .05 seconds of his time before he was ready to move on.

He’ll hate me for saying it cos its so not macho, but Paul is one of the sweetest Dad’s around. One minute dealing with little girl hair emergencies, the next minute crashing trains and miniature cars with 22 month old boys.

And if pretty and smart wasn’t enough, Roisin’s also got an abundance of athletic talent. Not surprising, her mom and I actually trained and competed together back in the day and her dad is highly skilled at martial arts.

Age difference be damned, Ronan believes he can keep up with any 6 year old.

Oops, a little tumble and in true sibling style, Roisin thinks her brothers fall is hilarious.

Not even a tear, up and ready to go again.

Caitriona and I have known each other for a long time, and its amazing to see her now as a mother, doing a kick ass job at one of the most challenging jobs there is.

Baby tosses, always a great shot.

A little family race and poor Ronan went down. I love how Roisin powered on, a true competitor.

Switching gears to try and sneak a little romance into the shoot…..

…was short lived. Life with kids. Gotta love it.

Starting to get tired.

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