Thanksgiving 2015

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends. But to one special friend in particular, our little friend Gavin who recently finished 6 months of chemo. We are so proud of our Superhero friend and his amazing family for fighting the fight of all fights. So this year we decided to run our annual Thanksgiving Gobble Jog in his honor. Hooray SuperGav! But before running the family 5k for Gavin, my friend Mike and I raced in the timed 5k. And this race I ran in the name of another little soldier back in Ireland, a little boy named Eddie who was born with spina bifida but who in the last 12 months has been making amazing progress learning to walk on some brand new leg braces. So you might say it was a busy Thanksgiving race day for me.

A shot of the Gobble Jog turkey as the boys wait for momma’s first race to start.

There’s momma, off and running.

Awkward blurry photo of momma giving everyone high-fives before racing on.

The boys entertain themselves while waiting for me to finish.

There I am, and yes, I was as tired as I look.

Managed to grab a quick pic of Mike finishing.

Less than 10 minutes to recover, change and then get back to the start line for the family 5k for our little friend Gavin.

Off and running.

Daddy and Cullen.

Mike and Keane.

A cape for some extra speed.

Pause for water at the hydration station.

Oh, look out Gobble Joggers, Cullen is off and running.

Having the best time.

Some random mid-race moves from Keane.

A little wave to a small group cheering from the side. So cute.

Crossing the finish line.

Cullen’s finishing moment.

And Daddy finishing with an empty stroller.

After noticing a bunch of post-race runners walking around with their hands on their hips, Keane adapted the same pose.

Proud hugs from Pa.

Family pic.

Getting a picture of the boys together has started to become a real challenge.

For the first time Marietta Square has an ice rink for the festive season, and Keane was excited to give it a go.

Boot up.

If it looks like Daddy knows what he’s doing, he does. Back in the day he played ice-hockey.

Its like watching him learn to walk again.

Cullen dipping a cheeky toe onto the ice.

Having the best time watching Daddy and Keane skate.

Suddenly Cullen was striking this pose and yelling “bum-bum

His-fives from Pa for an amazing first skate.

Homeward bound, tired and happy.

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