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November 25, 2015

There are a lot of photos in this blog post, so brace yourselves. One day in particular this past weekend we were biz-y. It all kicked off bright and early with Keane’s final soccer practice for the Fall season. And since his Massachusetts grandparents are visiting for the week, Grandpa Doyle came along to watch Keane in action. After that it was back to the house where we began work on an outdoor fire pit. We had this random idea the night before, that an evening of roasting marshmallow and making s’more was just what everybody needed. Chilly weather, smoking hot fire, surrounded by nothing but forest and eating warm sticky chocolatey treats, what could possibly go wrong?

Keane sitting patiently at the start of practice.

Coach Ben engages the kids in a game of steal a bib.

Explaining the rules, telling the kids he is the guarder of the bibs and they have to try and grab one before he catches them.

And Go!

Keane successfully steals.

And is super excited.

Next up, drills.

On each whistle the kids had to put an announced body part on the ball. This time it was their butts.

Off and dribbling again.

On this particular whistle its was their heads.

Keane impressing Pa with his ball control and balance.

Cullen chillin.

Some cone kicking drills.

And the jump-overs.


This little cone thief just can’t help himself.

Keane with some of his u4 teammates.

Coach Ben presents Keane with his first trophy.

Back home and we were straight into helping our friend Mike with the pit digging.

With their tiny shovels and their eagerness to help, this pit will be dug in record time.

Hooray, its finally deep enough. You’ll notice Mike standing with 2 shovels, one of them is mine. Proof that when I wasn’t snapping photos, I was actually helping with the dig.

Cullen shows up with his favorite truck.

Getting all fancy with some rocks around the perimeter.

Cullen has claimed our pit as his new playground.

Mike brings the final load of rocks.

And the pit is complete. And Cullen still won’t leave.

After an afternoon nap and waiting patiently for the sun to set, we were finally ready to get the fire started.

The boys couldn’t wait to for the fire to heat up enough before tucking into the marshmallows.

Now we’re ready to roast.

Keane and Mike roast the first marshmellow.

But it caught fire.

A 3 year and a 21 month old present and Pa is the one who spills gooey marshmallow all over himself.

Cocolate, marshmallow and cookie all over his face.

Grandma in a sticky finger situation.

Cullen’s turn to roast.

A fun and successful evening.

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