Manageable Moments

November 23, 2015

One morning every week each of the boys gets me all to themselves. Tuesday mornings, while Cullen is at his baby school, its me and Keane. Last week you’ll notice we spent that morning running hills and learning to journal. But Friday mornings is one of the days big brother is at pre-school, so Friday’s are “Mommy & Cullen” mornings. And I’m not gonna lie, the luxury of having just one kid to focus on and cater to, if only for a morning, cannot be over emphasised. Its like a tiny manageable mommy vacation. Its a sliver of silver lining in a week spent bouncing off the walls, trying to navigate my way through the chaos of “mommy he took my….,” “mommy Cullen’s not sharing”,I don’t need help”, stop hitting“,  ”mama Kee choo-choo” (Cullen telling me Keane has his train), “no momma, no tank ou” (Cullen saying no momma, no thank you to any and all my questions) “hee momma” (Cullen handing me millions of random objects throughout the entire day) and lets not forget my personal favorite “Nooooo!” From both boys. All day long. At varying volumes and levels of aggression. All you mothers out there with more then 2 kids, need medals. F’reals. If only for the fact that I struggle to have enough hours in my day to get my own sh*t done, I’d make and send y’all one myself. I am definitely at capacity with just the 2.

Ok, lets get back on track, venting was not actually the purpose of this post (although the little off-loading felt good), one-on-one time with each of my boys, yes, thats the conversation. Getting the opportunity to spend some time doing the things each of them enjoy, learning more about their unique ever evolving personalities. Thats what each of those mornings is about. They won’t be this small forever. They’ll grow, and some day I’ll miss all of these moments, but I’ll be so grateful to even have had them.

Last Friday morning Cullen and I met up with his friend Wyatt for some playground fun.

Both Cullen and Wyatt finding their courage to climb the spider web.

With a little help form his momma, Wyatt takes a spin on the spinning chair.

This guy took his own unique approach and when I tried to help give him a spin, I was very quickly told, “no momma, away” (No momma, f*#k off)

This photo made me laugh, my child has absolutely no concept of personal space. And clearly Wyatt wants it desperately.

The faces say it all.

I managed to talk Cullen into moving to the slide next to Wyatt, still close but not uncomfortably close.


Wyatt’s turn.

Joy ride.

Judging by Wyatt’s face, Cullen is that friend that leaves you wondering “what the hell?

After a snack it was off to play in the dirt with some tiny vehicles.

Loves dirt and loves vehicles.

Little besties.

Wyatt brought his motorized Thomas choo-choo and both boys spent forever just watching it go back and forth.

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