Hallowen 2015

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from the Paw Patrol. Those of you without kids may not be familiar with the cartoon Paw Patrol, and thats ok, just know that that’s what Keane’s into right now and thats what he decided we were all going to be for Halloween. Not to toot our own horns, but I think we pretty much nailed it. Mike is Rocky, I’m Skye, Cullen is Marshall, Keane is Chase and Paul is Ryder, the only human, the rest of us are all dogs, but of the superhero kind, so not your average dog.

This is where the boys started to lose it with the posed photos. Over it!

But I tried anyway to get a shot of Daddy and the boys and this was the best we could do.

As for getting a picture of the just the boys, forget it, they were more interested in exploring the ant hill.

But with a little pre-Trick-or-Treating candy bribery I managed to get their attention for a few cutesy individual costumes shots.

Cullen hated his hat.

Let the Trick-or-Treating begin.

How cool are the decorations on this house?

Cullen finds them a little concerning.

Keane thinks they’re amazing.

Already busting into the candy.

I just wanted to be in one trick-or-treat picture, not 100% in focus I know, but I’ll take it.

More and more candy.

Even big brothers get tired and need a turn in the drivers seat.

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