Less Than 48 Hours of Fun

October 28, 2015

We were there less than 48 hours, but we managed to pack in tons of fun on our trip to Massachusetts. It was “Go” mode as soon as our wheels touch down at Boston airport. No sooner had we dropped our bags and hugged the family but it was time to load up and head to Grandpa’s 70th birthday dinner. Cullen and I decided to hang back at my brother and sister-in-laws house, he was really only starting to feel normal again so I didn’t want to push my luck by pushing him past his bedtime or past what he was still able to handle. But he and I had lots of fun playing drums, cars and dinosaurs in Grandpa’s honor. The following morning we hit up the local Trunk-or-Treat, rode bikes, and in the evening, played football. So short and all as our visit was, nobody could say they didn’t have a good time.

I know I wasn’t there, but it’d be wrong not to include a photo of the birthday boy at his party, since that was the true purpose of our visit. Thanks to my sister-in-law Dinara, for grabbing this cute iPhone shot of Grandpa with 3/4 of the the grandkids.

Off to the Trunk-orTreat with this little dragon.

Dinara and I making the effort to include ourselves in at least one photo. Oh, and besides Keane being a dragon, Paul was Tom Brady (Patriots football player) and James was Rob Gronkowski (another Patriot player). Cullen was himself, which on an average day is scary enough, trust me.

So this is typical Cullen, trusts nobody and hates most people.

This is typical Keane, never met a stranger. Everyone’s a friend.

But show him a vehicle of any kind, and Cullen is all of a sudden happy.

Keane demanding to know why the fire truck is not decorated with real cobwebs.

With all the stuff going on on this truck and Cullen’s focus is on the wheels.

From one dragon to another.

Oh, I forgot, puddles make Cullen happy too. Even the tiny ones.

Eventually, with his big cousin Paul, Cullen got himself some candy.

Chillin with our lollipops.

Hi momma”

This is Cullen’s angry “Noooooooooo!” face, that I get to see and hear most days.

With the sweet teeth satisfied, it was back to the house.

Just a cute photo, of my cute dragon, and a backdrop of toasty Fall colors.

And of course my cute Cullen, stud walking with his own backdrop of Fall colors.

Someone is getting very fond of bikes.

So I know this photo isn’t really in focus, but I just liked the little bit of shade being thrown by Keane as he passes his little brother.

While the little boys went for a nap, the big boys got a football game going.

Pep-talk or verbal beat-down?

It might be just me, but does anyone else think Paul looks a little surprised he made the catch?

Played hard.

A while later Keane was awake and ready to get involved.

Keane’s knowledge of football is simple. When you have the ball, run. When you don’t have the ball, get it. Its very Forrest Gump.


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