The Sick Baby Struggle

October 21, 2015

The sudden shift from toasty Fall temperatures to early Winter temps have brought illness to the house. Cullen has picked himself up an “aggressive cold”. Sunday evening when his temperature spiked, he became very congested and the first signs of a cough resembling a barking seal started to show, I was straight onto the computer booking him an appointment with the doctor for first thing Monday morning. This momma wasn’t playing. I’ve been in the game a few years now and I know croup when I hear it. As it turns out, he doesn’t have croup, oops, but thats just her (the doctors) “professional” opinion. I remain suspicious. She followed it up with a flu test, which he passed, so no flu. But if it wasn’t croup or flu, what was it? An “aggressive cold” I was told. She wrote me a perspiration for “besta luck to ya”, which basically meant nothing to do but keep him hydrated and ride it out. With 1 very long sleepless night already under my belt I found her joke to be very unamusing. In fact, the extreme fatigue nearly had me smack her, yes I was exhausted but I could definitely rally for a fight if needed. So off we went home and over the next 2 days and nights we found ourselves in the trenches of Cullen’s illness, fighting the good fight armed only with fluids, vapor rub and the developing immune system of a 20 month old. Things were getting no better, in fact they were getting worse.  3 days and 3 nights of no sleep and we were all beginning to snap, mostly at each other. Cullen was exhausted and his “aggressive cold” was getting worse. So this morning I was right back at the doctors office, this time I was not leaving without a prescription for something other than “luck”. Turns out the “aggressive cold” was now a sinus and eye infection. Hooray! With a prescription in hand, I raced all the way to the pharmacy, waving it like it was a winning lottery ticket. Now we head into night 4 almost giddy with the anticipation that there might actually be some hours of sleep for us all. Life is so much better with sleep.

But here is a happier, healthier Cullen, enjoying a visit from some farm animals to his school last week.

Momma’s been spotted.

Cullen was allowed to invite a friend to come along and enjoy the animals, so he invited his little friend Wyatt.

Feeding the goats with his classmates.

Wyatt was full of nervous excitement getting this close to the big wooly sheep.

Looks like someone’s trying to steal a chicken.

Wyatt having a chat with the chickens.

Lots of curious toddlers.

Lining up to feed the chickens.

Not a fan of closed gates, Cullen likes to have access to all areas. As close as he is to this Lama, its not close enough for him.

And back to harass the chickens.

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