Project Baby Bear

October 10, 2015

This week we were delighted to host a visit from Baby Bear. Baby Bear is the class bear from Keane’s school and each week he gets to go home with a different child from the class. He spends 4 days with the family, we journal his adventures in his special Bear Journal, take lots of photos for his Bear Album, then we repack him into his little back-pack and return him to the class where he readies himself for his next adventure with one of the other kids. Such a cute idea and Keane was totally into it, as was Cullen. Baby Bear came everywhere with us and was part of all of the play-time activities. He hijacked all of our conversations as Keane wondered how impressed Baby Bear was by all his skills and abilities and also why Baby Bear couldn’t stay with us forever. On the last day of his visit, as we wrote in Baby Bear’s journal and added all of the photos to his album Keane became very sad. He didn’t want Baby Bear to go back to school. He didn’t want him to go on adventures with the other kids, he wanted him to stay right here with us. I wasn’t sure what to say to soften the blow of Baby Bear’s departure, looking at Keane’s sad little face my brain was spinning, desperately trying to find the magic words that would fix everything. I’m not exactly sure how we got there, but somewhere in the conversation a bike ride was suddenly the solution to everything. Keane would take Baby Bear on a bike ride. That would make both him and Baby Bear less sad. Oh how I wish all of the challenges this momma faces on a daily basis with her precious kids could be solved with a bike ride. Anyway, onwards with some of the photos from out time with Baby Bear.

Because of all the rain we’ve been having, Keane’s soccer practice got cancelled, so off we went to the gym so Keane could kick his ball around and Baby Bear could watch of course.

Poor Baby Bear took a ball to the face.

But shook it off like the big bear he is.

Cullen wanted in on all the action too.

Like it or not Baby Bear was gonna get some Cullen time.

Of course there had to be some racing.

Hmmm, not sure how much Baby Bear loved the throwing game, but Keane did.

Our friend Matt.

Water and snack break.

Cullen loved Baby Bear.

Nothing to do with Baby Bear, just some random photos of the boys helping Daddy get in shape.

Bath time.

Off for a haircut and Baby Bear apparently wanted to sit in the airplane.

In a police car next to them was Cullen, hating every minute of his haircut.

All the rain meant there was no shortage of puddles to play in.

Baby Bear even got his own rain jacket and boots.

The bike ride that would soften the blow of Baby Bears departure.

One last hug.

Then it was back into his back-pack, ready for his return to school.

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