Officially A Soccer Mom

September 25, 2015

My day has finally come, I’m literally one mini van, one cooler, one practical haircut, one pair of mom jeans and one pair of sensible white walking shoes away from being a fully ordained soccer mom. Last week Keane had his very first u4’s training session and aside from a slightly confusing and emotional first 10 minutes of practice, it went really well. My brain is a little fried right now from a very intense week of parenting, add to that the fact that I just sucked down 2 bottles of cider in very quick succession (its Friday and I just survived a very intense week of parenting) and you’ll understand why I’m keeping the words to a minimum (to be fair they’re starting to sound a little sloppy now anyway) and letting the photos do most/all of the talking. So while I go grab myself cider no.3 (easy on the judgement there) please enjoy Keane’s first soccer practice photo montage.

Daddy and Keane off to registration.

Yay! Team shirt

So Americans call soccer boots “cleats”, why? Excellent question, but sadly I don’t know. Either way, here is Daddy helping Keane with his soccer shoes.

Put me in coach I’m ready

This guy, pitch side with a picnic.

And here we go with lots of soccer drills.

Guilty of a hand-ball. And he thought he was getting away with it.

Here I believe the objective of the drill was to kick the ball over the cone. Once you did that you could claim the cone as your trophy.

Keane and a little girl gunning for the same cone.

Keane claimed the cone and received plenty of shade from the little girl as a reward.

Water break.

Next he had to kick the ball to the cone and jump over it.

Dribbling drills.

On the whistle the kids had to stop and put their foot on the ball. 3 ciders in and you won’t catch me passing this particular skill (balance is currently “questionable”)

Cullen on the hunt for cones.

And mad as hell that he can’t reach the corner flags.

Line ‘em up for goal kicks.

Keane’s turn.


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