The Lake Life

September 23, 2015

If you’re a track fan you may recognize the names and faces that pop up on today’s blog. World & Olympic medalists Trey Hardee (Decathlete) and his gorgeous wife Chelsea Johnson-Hardee (pole vaulter) just so happen to be on vacation in Ireland while we were there. They were celebrating their first wedding anniversary and we thought it would be an amazing idea to join them for a couple of days to share in the romance of their little getaway. I mean, nothing says romance like a couple of your friends showing up to your first anniversary trip with their 2 kids. My good friend Terry McHugh (Irish javelin legend) owns an adorable cabin in the middle of “God-Knows-Where” Co. Cavan, and ever the generous and pushy soul he is, insisted we use his rustic abode for a little group R&R.

There is said cabin. Amazing. We loved it so much we almost canceled our flight back to the US to move in.

A short walk from the cabin is the boat dock. We were planning an early morning fishing trip the following day so we went down to check everything out.

The anniversary couple.

Trey looks a little confused, “so wait, its a transportation/containment device for small people??

Cullen straight chillin.

A sunset stroll to feed some local horses.

Bright and early the next morning and we are headed to the docks.

In your own time Keane.

Our fishing group.

Skipper Doyle.



So this water drop was a potential problem, no way our boat was making it up that.

But wait, just to the left were the canal gates that would allow us to pass up and through.

Cullen making sure Daddy knows which way to go.

Trey was our designated gate operator, and while he’s up figuring out the controls, we wait.

Hooray! They’re opening.

Trey making sure we pass safely through so he can close the gates behind us and open the ones further ahead.

Patiently waiting.

Gate master job is complete, he rejoins the boat and we power on.


Here fishy fishy.

Cullen didn’t have a lot of patience for fishing and under that kind of pressure none of us got a chance to catch any fishy. But we had fun trying.

We pass a couple of docked barges.

On our way back it was Daddy’s turn to operate the canal gates.

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