Party Party

September 21, 2015

I’ve never been the type of girl to miss a party. If you’re having a party, I’m there. Post-party party? Yep, there too. Clean-up party after the party and post-party? Yep, in. Things haven’t changed a whole lot over the years, I still like a good party. But what has changed are the parties themselves. Nowadays they are a lot more animated, colorful and sugary, sometimes there are tears and lots of falling down, the odd fight over a highly coveted toy, a little puking here and there from one too many sodas or cupcakes, and by the end of the evening there’s guaranteed to be plenty of passed out children riding home in the back of their parents cars. In fact, when you lay it out like that, there really isn’t that much difference between a toddler party and an adult party. Except for maybe location, toddler parties always seem to happen in the best locations. While we in Ireland my nephew Nathan celebrated his 2nd birthday on a farm and here’s how the fun went down.


Cullen and some rabbits.

Time to feed the goats.

The conversation between my niece Emily and the goat is looking a little intense.

YAY! Birthday boy Nathan.

My eldest nephew Evan on… actually, I don’t know what that is.

Ridin dirty.

Cullen thinks the boys on this vehicle is hilarious.

High-five for the craic being had.

The inseparable Emily and Keane.

Followed by Nathan.

A celebratory birthday slide.

Cullen knows there’s work to be done somewhere.

Pause, “hello random ostrich”.

Plenty of farming vehicles for all the kids to enjoy.

This pony showed up with his hair all a mess, luckily Evan was on hand to save him anymore embarrassment.

And cos its a party Keane gave the pony a leafy treat.

Cake time!

“Hooray for my Birthday ”

Lets finish with the birthday boy and his Daddy, loving on a baby rabbit.

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